Waxing/Polishing: Change

more-to-learnIf you are 60, Remember when you started using a washing machine and dryer?  Change.

If you are 50, Remember when you changed to an automatic instead of clutch and gears?  Change.

If you are 40, Remember when you embraced GPS and stopped buy maps?  Change

If you are 30, Remember when you stopped writing cheques and started internet banki6a1504f9747ea9aa6a62d268b06c8a7ang?  Change


Many people have made these changes, and more and more continue the trend toward change everyday.  Heck, I am asking Google  for help 20 times a day.  Change. But, how many of you are still waxing your car?  Yeah, you!  Stuck in the 20th century and still waxing/polishing your car to get the shine.  Still using maps, too?  Still writing cheques?  I bet you are.

If you are still waxing/polishing to make your car shine, you are living in your daddy’s generation, you haven’t changed.  This is understandable as car coating seems so mysterious and strange.  Is it really better? some people still ask.  The short and clear answer to whether car coating is better is a resounding YES!


Is car coating 20140113-155419a perfect solution to protecting your paint and shine?  No is the honest answer.  Many coating companies will make wild claims that it will protect against scratches,
watermarks, swirls and bird poo.  The truth is that car coating can help, but it will not protect a vandal with a key who wants to scratch your car from one end to the other.  It simply won’t…even if it is 9H!






So, some ask, why should I spend money on car coating if it won’t protect against the key (or watermark, birdpoo, or bumper)?  The answer is that car coating gives a good protection to the delicate and important clear coat.  This means that if you have a light scratch from washing (a swirl), most likely your clear coat will be protected AND the swirls can be buffed out.  No harm.

If you have a watermark or a bird poo mark, most likely there will be no damage or minimal damage to the clear coat. So the problem can be taken care of quickly and easily. Yes, no damage.





The water marks on the right are quite serious, but if the car has Sierra Glow car coating, the damage stays on top and the underneath clear coat can be restored.

The problem with wax or having a polish, the damage from watermarks has an easy path to wreck the clear coat.  The wax holds the water, and the acid or minerals in the water have no real barrier to protect the clear coat.  If this car has wax on top, the clear coat is finished, damaged and nothing really can be done to restore the shine except to paint again.  Painting is really the last resort as the resale value of your car take a big hit.

So, please consider moving into the 21st century, open yourself to change, and embrace the new technology.  Say goodbye to the horse and buggy days, and accept the change.  Wax and polishing have other issues than being a lousy protector of your clear coat, but this is the main reason to shun the old ways.  Embrace the new…go Sierra Glow car coating.