It will reflect rainwater quickly, instantly. When driving more than 60kph, you will not even need to turn on your wipers, and the rain just flies off the window.



Benefits of SierraView

SierraView will reflect rainwater quickly, instantly.  Rainwater hits the window, and will quickly bead and fly off the window.  When driving more than 60kph, you will not even need to turn on your wipers, and the rain just flies off the window.  Wipers also work better, as the surface of the window is clean.  Wiper blades last longer, and SierraView is good for at least 40,000 wipes or about one year.  With SierraView, your visibility is undoubtedly clearer, and best of all, SierraView protects your glass against ugly and damaging watermarks.


Cleaning the Glass

The SierraView window program starts with a deep clean of the glass.  This is the most important aspect of creating a window surface that is clear and beads is getting rid of all the glass imperfections.  Even a new car has windows that need to be professionally cleaned.  We use Cerium Oxide.  This amazing chemical rids the window of all residues, watermarks, oils, stains and other surface imperfections.


Applying SierraView

Applying SierraView is only started after the window is in pristine condition.   Consisting of silicone polymer and hydrophobic silane, SierraView simply makes it extremely difficult for the window to get wet.  If the window doesn’t get wet, the water just beads off or if driving blows off.  Putting on SierraView is quick as the treatment usually doesn’t take more than 20 minutes and drying is instantaneous.


Why Opt for SierraView?

SierraView offers the best window (glass) protection program.  Instead of weeks or a few months, SierraView will last a year or more.  Visibility is improved and protects windows from watermarks.  But, best of all, you will enjoy the rain, as your glass will instantly bead and fly off.  So much  fun to see, only provided by SierraView.