SierraGlow Blue Flame


TO REVIEW: Our SierraGlow Blue Flame Treatment Program adds an important extra step of preparing the paint surface to a higher nano level. Our heated gas molecules silica spray is a perfect way to fill in all porous surfaces, smoothen out all bumps and microscopic blemishes, eliminate any static charges and burn off any organic material as the silica forms the perfect foundation for our GlassGlow, final step.

Now, with the GlassGlow coating your car surface shines and will stay on your paint withstanding the daily attack of pollutants, UV light, acid rain, oxidation and dust.
You will be amazed at the sheer magic of Blue Flame: the shine is wet, the water will sheet*, the thickness and protection is greater and the paint surface is nano smooth.

*This is incredibly important as the smooth, sleek surface will promote water sheeting. Water sheeting is the ultimate in knowing that your car paint surface is even and sleek.