SG-6 is Sierra Glow’s sixth generation silica coating. Unlike the conventional polymer coating materials based on inorganic solvents, SG-6 is сar соating material which is a 100% inorganic layer. The percentage of silica component in our product is 98.5%, the highest ever in the history. SG-6 is basically made up of polysiloxanes. The siloxane bondage (- Si – O – Si -) and non-solvent fluorine resin as a binder, SG-6 forms a layer of very hard and solvent free high polymer silica glass on the surface.





Sierra Glow provides 5 years warranty to our customers in terms of maintaining a SG-6 layer on the surface of their cars. All cars will be given “Sierra Glow 5 years warranty sticker” with individual serial number as proof of genuine glow.



Warm glow and deep shine

SG-6 can be applied on all colours from white to black, providing a warm glow and deep shine resulting in grade up quality of surface.

Super water repellency

As siloxane bondage (- Si – O – Si -) and non-solvent fluorine resin used as a binder, SG-6 provides the highest water repellence. Dust and dirt are hard to remain on the surface. Dirt will simply stream down the surface with water beads and eventually onto the ground when the car drives in rain. As a result SG-6 layer keeps the surface smooth and less dirty.

Easy maintenance and saving of water and time when washing

As being featured with strong resistance against UV, oil, heat and acid, the layer of SG-6 protects the paint surface from the pollutants. As for maintenance, simply rinse or wash with a mild shampoo to clean the surface. Thus with super water repellence, water consumption for washing is just a few pails or about 20 liters, less than one third of water consumption at the time of cleaning the waxed surface and other polymer coated surfaces. Drying after wash can be faster too.

Compatible with the regulatory environmental requirements (non-solvent, VOC free)

SG-6 is free of solvents which are banned by environmental regulations in Europe and Japan. SG-6 is a friendly coating materials to the earth because it does not contain any volatile inorganic compounds (VOC) or endocrine disruptors (environmental hormones).