FAQ on Sierra Glow Program


Benefits of сar соating.
Cаr Cоаting is revolutionary coating method with a layer of silica glass, which is applied onto the surface of automobiles, vessels and aircrafts.
What is SG-6 and why is it so good?
SG-6 is the chemical which is a principal product of Sierra Glow program for сar соating. SG-6 composes from polysiloxane and a few other substrates. First, silicon (Si) in polysiloxane reacts with oxygen in the air and leaves a layer of SiO2 (silica glass) or 100 % inorganic material. As it is 100 % inorganic, it does not get oxidized when it contacts other materials, such as water, oil, dust and etc. unlike the other traditional coating materials, such as wax and other sealant products sold in the market. (definition of inorganic: compound which does not contain carbon.)
Difference between wax and coating.
Most waxes are like mortar used for wall, which means almost no chemical bonding between the molecules of wax and top coat of automobile. Wax simply covers the top coat and does not last long enough. Plant soot in the rain, exhaust gas from automobiles, diesel carbon and other dust easily penetrate wax film and mix with water scale. To remove this kind of soil must be removed together with wax, this work possibly damages the top coat or painted surface of automobile, leaving scratches on it. Eventually it turns out to lose the shine. SG-6 of Sierra Glow program reacts with oxygen in the air and leaves a layer of SiO2 (silica glass), excellent in durability attributed from its cross linkage structure and high molecular weight polymer. Because of this structure, dirt hardly penetrate into the beneath of the layer and stay on the surface and does not damage the paint surface. Daily maintenance to clean is very easy.
Isn’t Silicone too soft and vulnerable against heat?
SG-6 is not based on silicone but silicon. Silicon is chemically different from silicone. According to wikipedia. silicon is inorganic material and in the form of silica and silicates, silicon forms glasses, cements, and ceramics that are all lasting almost forever. SG-6 layer is very hard and resistant against heat. Silicone is often mistakenly referred to as “silicon.” Silicone(s) are polymers comprising of silicon, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and other chemicals, usually inorganic. They can’t last long due to this other inorganic- chemicals but they have also lots of application in many industries due to its unique features.
There are many сar соating programs in the market. What is Sierra Glow different from other programs?
As сar соating is getting popular in the market particularly in Japan, many companies now market glass type coating products claiming they are сar соating. But most of them are the products in which silicon (Si) is just minor, usually less than 30%, and the rest are materials like carbon, methyl group CH3 and mineral spirits. This means that it is true they are glass type but efficacy of glass does not last long but effect of inorganic materials surfaces soon.
What kind of polishing program and features does Sierra Glow have?
Polishing program of Sierra Glow composes of the three very unique components; 1. Gear Action polisher, 2. TC compounds and 3. tailor made wool and urethane buff. They were all developed for auto-detailing purposes only by research and development work between a Japanese applied engineer (inventor) and its manufacturers for more than 10 years.
Gear action polisher with TC compound and Wool or Urethane buff can remove scratches on the clear coat very effectively and without damaging the expensive color base coat or leaving buff marks on the clear coat. Our polishing program does not raise the heat temperature very high on the clear coat and therefore does not affect the clear coat surface, which turns out to maintain the shine. This is particularly important as more and more car manufacturers now use water borne paints instead of solvent borne paints under the environmental regulations in Europe, Japan and the rest of the world.
How long does the process take?
Usually it takes about 5 to 7 hours. Of course, it depends on the condition of the car, particularly the degree and number of scratches.
Does Sierra Glow prevent water spot from occurring?
Polysiloxane used in SG-6 has very strong water-repellent feature, which generates water beads on a smooth surface at a contact of water. Due to this feature water hardness in the rain and other hardness materials from dust are caught in water beads and hard to remain and stick onto the SG-6 layer. So comparing to wax and other coating materials, Sierra Glow works more effectively to prevent water-spot from occurring and eventually etching into the paint. Nevertheless, water-spot occurs, depending on the environment where the car is parked, such as rain, heat from sun and dust from the factories. It is advisable to wipe and dry with clean towel if car is parked outdoor in the daytime, and also use appropriate cleaners to remove water-spot periodically.
Is Sierra Glow effective against loss of paint shine?
Because a layer of SG-6 and clear coat protect the color base coat from directly exposing to the sun light, Sierra Glow can keep the paint shines effectively. Nevertheless depending on the quality of clear coat, kinds of paint color and how long and where the car is parked in the daytime, the shine may possibly be affected by UV light.
Is Sierra Glow strong against flying stones?
Laboratory test shows that a layer of SG-6 has 7H hardness in Mohs scale (Quartz). It is very hard comparing with waxes and other coating materials. But still with the impact of flying stones that is so strong, even Sierra Glow is not immune to it.
Can I use Wax on the Sierra Glowed surface by myself?
We recommend not to use other programs, such as wax and coating programs of other suppliers, on Sierra Glowed surface. By doing it, you may lose maximum performance of Sierra Glow and the 5 years warranty will be voided.
What about any effect against environment?
SG-6 has a few more unique features. It does not contain any VOC (volatile inorganic compounds) and endocrine disruptors. VOC generates photochemical oxidant in the air and causes air pollution/photochemical smog which affect human health. Endocrine disruptors cause disorder of hormone system of lives including human. Accordingly, SG-6 can be said as a very eco-friendly product.
When did Sierra Glow start сar соating program in Malaysia and Japan?
Sierra Glow program started in Malaysia in 2008 and was initiated in Japan under different name in 2004, after laboratory and field test with many different car models and in various environments.