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Sierra Glow is the leader in automotive detailing industry. We deliver the best paint coating program for all types of vehicles regardless of the year of production. We preserve the overall condition of your car and protect your investment from the elements and pollutants that may diminish the beauty and value of your car. We provide 5 years of warranty and always keep you satisfy with our products and services.

Our staff has undergone rigorous training, product knowledge and gained experience from Japan where it originates.

Sierra Glow is committed in providing the best сar соating program to customers. NO MORE POLISHING will be required after our program. Regular car wash is the only effort you need to preserve the shine. Our passion and skills not only speaks of what we can offer but also what our clients have to say in the FORUMS.


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SG-6 Treatment

All Sierra Glow products are invented by our Japanese Inventor who is top automotive detailer in the world. SG-6 is another breakthrough for his invention in year 2016. The silica concentration of SG-6 is 98.5 which is the highest ever in the history. Read More


Blue Flame Treatment

Invention from our Japanese inventor, Blue Flame Treatment is a revolutionary technology in the coating industry. Read More

Operation Flow of Coating Process with Blue Flame Treatment