Those thattrade secret1 in the know, know that Sierraglow’s finishing work is superior.  This is not bloated hyperbole and silly boasting, this comes from just looking at our finished product.  The shine is  deep and rich.  How did we do this?  Our competitors wrongly think that our car coating (now SG6) is just so fantastic.  While SG-6 is fantastic and stunning, our car coating secret doesn’t ONLY come from this.

Sierraglow spends a lot of time on completing a car as a great shine requires massaging the clear coat and car paint to gemassaget it to shine.  In this regards, we have a secret, a trade secret…no actually 6 secrets.  We have different polishing compounds for the various paints and the degree of massage required.  An older car with lots of swirls require a different compounds than a new car with soft paint.  Simple calculations…but we actually have the different compounds required for each specific car paint shine requirement.

Yes, the tools are important.  Soft synthetic lambs wool or quality sponge buffers put on to a dual action buffer.  The gear action polisher is incredibly important as this is the ONLY machine you should use to buff/polish car paint.  The gear action is like a gentle massage of the clear coat, and the gentle circular motion allows for only a thin layer of the clear coat to get the buff.  Hence, great shine.

The polish compound is also incredibly important.  This is our trade secret, but we do let our customers feel the liquid polish so they can understand why we use Compound A or Compound B on their car.  We are transparent about that, but we keep our exact formula away from prying eyes.clear coat 1